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The purpose of this online business “check-up” is to introduce business owners and managers to a three-tiered business development model for better business health and success. This model was created by our firm for the exclusive benefit of our current and prospective clients with business activities in South Carolina and is intended to educate business owners on the creation, protection, and preservation of business value within the guidelines of the law. For the law, properly understood and applied, is not an impediment to building business value, but its foundation. This business development model is premised on the following three principles:

Because they support each other in important ways, these principles cannot be addressed in isolation of each other. Every business must be in compliance with the law generally, but especially so when seeking the special protections afforded by the law with respect to asset risk management and insurance. Similarly, whereas no business or business owner is secure without instituting certain asset risk management and insurance protections, no business reaches its fullest potential without the creation of business value through the use of intellectual property rights, proprietary rights, contractual rights, and the imposition of protective covenants with key personnel

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