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Every business should be amply familar with federal, state, and common law warranty rules. A warranty is generally a seller's promise to correct a problem, or replace a product, when the product fails. Most broadly speaking, there are two types of warranty:

Implied warranties
Implied warranties are unspoken and unwritten and are inferred by common law, running from the seller to the customer. Where consumer product transactions occur, courts generally imply two warranties:

Express warranties
Warranties voluntarily are offered to customers in the course of making a sale regarding a product (or a remedy for a product) explicitly made whether orally or in writing.

Written warranties made for consumer products are also governed by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is federal law and requires manufacturers and sellers of consumer products to provide consumers with certain information about warranty coverage and the rights and obligations of the parties.  The Act requires written warranties on goods over a certain price to have a title that says the warranty is either "full" or "limited." Generally, a warranty is "full" if the manufacturer or seller"

If any of the above listed items are not true, then the warrany is generaly "limited."

Importantly, an warranty does not have to be entirely "full" or "limited" if the above items are true about warranty coverage on only some parts of the product, or if the times are true during only part of the warranty period, then the warranty is part "full" and part "limited."

Most state jurisdiction also have statutory laws governing warranties and guarantees.

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