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Business Start-up Packages & KitsA substantial area of practice for each attorney in our law firm is corporate formation, structuring, and governance: from simple to sophisticated multi-entity formations.  Areas in which an attorney can assist you include:

We assist startup and on-going businesses with their incorporation needs. In contrast to online start-up services, we advise our clients on the particular options and subtleties of local state corporation law: from Standard Corporations, to Statutory Close Corporations, Professional Corporations, Professional Associations, and corporations taxed under Subchapter "S" ("S-Corporations") or Subchapter "C" ("S-Corporations"), as they compare to both each other and with regard to other business enitity choices, such as partnerships and limited liability companies ("LLCs"). Where required, we provided corporate record books, subscription agreements, by-laws, stock certificates, annual and special meeting notices and minutes, and a host of related documents.

In many circumstances, we generally recommend to clients that have decided to incorporate to consider electing to be treated as a statutory close corporation, which may offer greater flexibility in management of the corporation, such as the elimination for any need to have a board of directors separate from the shareholders, and freedom from certain corporate formalities, such as annual meetings.

For more information on the characteristics of corporations, see the following links:consultation

In the course of owning and/or operating a corporation, shareholders, officers, and directors (where applicable), need to remain mindful of such statutory requirements as are applicable to notifying shareholders and directors of annual and special meetings, execution of consent forms, restrictions on distributions to shareholders, and avoidance of actions that can result of loss of limited liability protection and personal liability.

Stock Transfer & Securities Issues
Stock transfers between shareholders and between shareholders and third parties, including securities and buy-sell agreement issues.

Assist in the dissolution of corporate entities, including notices to known and unknown creditors and liquidation of corporate assets.

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