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Federal statistics prove that employers in general are more likely to be sued by an employee than by any other third party.  For this reason, it cannot be emphasized enough that employers need to exercise great diligence in its relations with employees.  An attorney or lawyer with our firm will be happy to advise you and an employer in formulating the employment applications, agreements, policies, labor law posters, and other documents most appropriate to your business.  We also represent employers in employment security matters, wage payment disputes, and human affairs commission complaints.

Contact an attorney or lawyer with our firm for advice or drafting:

Employment Forms

    • Employment Application Form
    • Job Offer Correspondence
    • Background Check Permission
    • Employee Reprimand Form
    • Employee Termination Formconsultation
    • Leave of Absence Request Form
    • Voluntary Termination by Employee Form
    • Termination Letter

Employment Agreements

    • Employment Agreement
    • Employee Nondisclosure Agreement
    • Covenant not to Compete Agreement
    • Employee Release and Waiver
    • Management Agreement
    • Sale Representative Agreement
    • Physician Employment Agreement
    • Executive Employment Agreement
    • Head Hunter Agreement
    • Staffing Agency Agreement

Individual Employee Policies or Employee Handbook & Manual

    • Equal Opportunity Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Overtime Policy
    • Probationary Period Policy
    • Retirement Policy
    • Telephone Policy
    • Computer Use and Email Policy
    • Sick Leave Policy
    • Substance Abuse Policy
    • Travel Expenses Policy

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