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Commercial Real Estate Lease
Client often times assume that commercial leases are offered on a “take it or leave it” basis, much like an insurance policy.  However, commercial leases are more often than not negotiable to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how motivated the lessor and lessee relative to each other. 

Residential Real Estate Lease
Residential real estate and rental agreements are generally governed under a separate body of statutory law. Whereas commercial statutory law tends to be comparatively "hands off" in presuming that parties in commercial transactions are sophisticated to look out for there own best interests, landlord-tenant residential statutes are generally far more paternalistic in attempting to protect the rights of tenants and to set forth obligations of landlords.

Equipment Lease
Equipment lease and rental agreements are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code 2A, much in the manner that contracts for the sale of goods are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.

Business Lease
Under limited circumstances, parties may agree to lease a business, particularly in leading to the eventual sale and purchase of the business between the parties.

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